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This Capstone Project is part of the Data Science Nanodegree Program by Udacity in collaboration with Bertelsmann Arvato. The aim of the project is to analyze demographics data for customers of a mail-order sales company in Germany, comparing it against demographics information for the general population. The project used unsupervised learning techniques to perform customer segmentation, identifying the parts of the population that best describe the core customer base of the company. …

This project (Write a Data Science Blog Post) is part of Udacity Data Science Nanodegree Program. Detailed analysis with all required code is posted in my github repository and Jupyter Notebook.

Is Full Lockdown effective in controlling the spread of Covid-19?

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Countries around the world are taking different actions or a combination of actions in the fight against the spreading of Coronavirus.

In this article, we are going to explore whether Full Lockdown is effective in controlling the spread of Covid-19.

This analysis will be based on datasets from ACAPS COVID-19: Government Measures Dataset and OXFORD COVID-19 GOVERNMENT RESPONSE TRACKER.

1) What are the major actions taken by different countries around the world in dealing with Covid-19?

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